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[Concept & Creative]
At Fireworks Media we'll help you light the creative fuse. A full range of pre-productions services may include, outlining, scripting, storyboards, visual design, organizing shoots and more.
We're prepared to shoot a variety of formats, appropriate to your needs and budget: DV, Betacam SP, Digital Beta and Digital High Definition.
[Post Production]
We work with several non-linear editing systems and graphics compositing tools. You can be as close to the editing process as you like, or view the progress from a distance, through previews over the internet.
[Mastering & Duplication]
We master for DVD, videotape, CD, or for internet playback.
[Print Design & Pre-press]
We're not limited to moving media. Our extensive portfolio includes brochures, direct mail pieces, marketing communications, packaging and more.



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